Water-based nail polish environmental friendly, peelable and detachable.

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T. Jaeger : This is the best nail polish I've ever used. It does require you to follow the recommended steps. It goes on very smoothly, with no gunkiness that can happen with traditional nail polish.

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  1. Mary Woodbury-

    If you are gonna wear nail polish - wear ALLOYA.

  2. B A McDonald-

    Stayed on just as long as regular nail polish. I was surprised by this.

  3. Julie Major-

    A couple of years ago I decided to quit using cosmetics that contained toxic chemicals. This product really cought my eye. The quality is great in terms of color and wear.

  4. T. Jaeger-

    This is the best nail polish I've ever used. It does require you to follow the recommended steps. It goes on very smoothly, with no gunkiness that can happen with traditional nail polish.

  5. Katie-

    If you follow the instuctions, it works GREAT! I redid it before bed (as instructions state) and it has lasted well over a week, and I think it's going to look good a very long time...no chips at all.

  6. Tir'anna-

    I bought this nail polish because I'm sick of putting harsh chemicals on my skin and sick of having yellow nails. When dried, it looks exactly like regular nail polish.

  7. Katie Price-

    This is my second bottle of nail polish from ALLOYA and I am very pleased with their product.

  8. Von-

    I've got several colors of this brand. The biggest plus to it is that the contents of the polish are as safe as you'll find on the market. The smell is pleasant and non chemical. It will remove with alcohol.

  9. Sheila M. Brown-

    This is a non-toxic water-based nail polish (no smell at all). It really works well and is safe.

  10. M. Dyer-

    This is an awesome product! No nasty chemicals that you find in most brands. I feel good using it. Why can't all manufacturers make their products without carcinogens? Will definately be purchasing other colors!

  11. Rooskie07-

    I am VERY pleased with it! I will definitely be ordering more colors!

  12. Purchaser-

    First, I love that it does not have harsh chemicals. Second, the color is beautiful, and it is also long lasting.

  13. Heidi Avelino-

    I am very happy with ALLOYA nail polish! I was looking for a safe alternative to regular nail polish and was glad to find a water-based brand for adults.

  14. Tricia Lu-

    I love this nail polish and purchased it to use for myself, the polish goes on nicely and has stayed on well even past 2 or 3 weeks.

  15. katia-

    I was becoming super sensitive to solvents. But I absolutely love nail polish. I was so happy to find a non toxic option. It shines beautifully and lasts well. And it doesn't stink!

  16. Siobhan Clarke-

    Our results have been fantastic! Happy to report that neither the polish nor remover is smelly unless you put it right under your nose.

  17. Jennifer Rees-

    Great nail polish for my toddler! My little girl loves how it sparkles.

  18. Jean Lin-

    I love the colors and application looks good after 1 coat. It stays on the toes for over a week with no problem and is easy to remove. For your fingers add a good quality base and top coat if you are looking for long wear. Customer support is amazing! This company stands behind its product and wants happy customers.

  19. Linda-

    It is wonderful to find this product. Would recommend this to everyone. No smell!

  20. Rachel-

    I really like this polish. It is very flattering on the nails! It's comforting to know that this polish has safer ingredients, and I think that people with a sensitive sense of smell would really appreciate this.

  21. Gwin M-

    I adore this nail polish system: it's easy and the results are beautiful. As soon as I received them, I read the instructions on every product completely, followed all the instructions exactly.

  22. C. Laursen-

    After finding this polish I thought it was too good to be true. No chipping or peeling like I was used to with my old polish. You must try this stuff. I feel that it is worth the price all things considered...like my health!

  23. C. Nickerson-

    Goes on nails nice, color stays, great product no chemical smell. I bought it to use on my daughter because she loves her nails polished.

  24. JT-

    Bought this because of the nontoxic ingredient list. Additionally some of the colors separate while shipping and so they may look strange when you receive them (like they're the wrong color). Just shake them up -- it always does the trick.

  25. ChynO-

    I am looking INTO a more healthier lifestyle including foods, skin care products etc. Definitely doesn't last as long as the regular nail polish but I rather use this healthier alternative instead of those harsh chemicals on my body.

  26. Pseudopods-

    I haven't used nail polish in many years. And, I must say, it's awesome. Great company, great product!

  27. J. Yeung-

    Thin coats, fast drying, no fumes, lasted about 2 weeks before major chipping occurred. It's actually better than any other polish I've used. NEVER using toxic nail polish again.

  28. D.-

    This nailpolish stays on nicely. I am excited to see if my nails improve with a polish that is not as harsh as typical nailpolishes. Very worth the money.

  29. Debra Lewis-

    Performed as promised : I love this polish. It goes on easily and peels off easily. Also dries very very quickly. It's so much fun.

  30. Channing Quinn Carter-

    I love this nail polish. You need to realize before purchasing this brand of nail polish that it is not normal nail polish. It is very special, it lacks many of the highly toxic ingredients that most nail polishes contain.

  31. D-n-J-

    Love my first experience with ALLOYA, and I am really looking forward to buying more colors asap.

  32. Michelle Macarthur-

    I highly recommend it and think it was worth the money!!

  33. Barbara Fischer-

    This polish wears well and has absolutely no smell. I am excited to have a non-toxic polish that performs so well.

  34. Arlene Oneill-

    I have tried lots of nailpolish, I love ALLOYA nail polish because it is natural and has no bad ingredients in it. Also the colors are beautiful!

  35. T. Jaeger-

    This is the best nail polish I've ever used. It goes on very smoothly, with no gunkiness that can happen with traditional nail polish. And no odor whatsoever! All together this is the best product I've ever found for my nail, and I'm glad to give it five stars.

  36. alltatup-


  37. Imelda Benny-

    It works just as well as toxic nail polishes and it looks great!!! I love it!!!

  38. E. Smatana-

    If you want your nails to look great and be happy at the same time, this is the product for you. Your nails get healthier with use and there is no terrible smell, I highly recommend this products.

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