Renowned for their toxin-free cosmetics, Alloya Forever Aroma are dedicated to bringing preservative-free skin care products to our beauty bags. Striving to educate and emphasise the use of toxin-free cosmetics, Alloya infuse each of their nail care products with safe and natural ingredients. 

Offering a one-stop shop for bold shades and natural ingredients, our non-toxic nail polish is our first priority when developing new products. Avoiding the harm that artificial chemical-based cosmetics can bring, our team is dedicated to researching INTO new and innovative ways to bring gorgeous colour, without affecting your skin and nails.

Founded in London in 2012 by Ms. Camifrio and Dr. Alloya, Alloya continue to adapt and grow their products, persistently infusing each with natural and non-toxic ingredients. Contributing to the research of toxin-free cosmetics as well as products safe for pregnant women, Alloya continues to develop product lines immersed with 100% pure essential oils and herbal essential oil skin care products.

With the vision to create safe nail care products for pregnant women, Alloya founder Dr. Alloya created the Toxin-free Water-soluble Nail Polish product line. After refining the ingredients three times to find the perfect formula, Dr. Alloya created a water-soluble nail polish that was durable and natural on nails.

Now with a variety of perfect polish shades at affordable prices, here at Alloya we are proud to provide natural and toxin free nail care. Taking trends from the latest nail art styles and the favourite season shades, we have a style to suit everyone.
Shop our entire natural nail care collection here. From glistening golds to royal blues, indulge your nails in our natural polish collection.
All colors offer by Alloya Natural are certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan by PETA and SGS.