038 Fountain of Youth

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The pigment of this nail polish is a bright, light green colour. It will stand out and make a real beauty statement. Perhaps this look is not for the faint hearted, but will have your friends begging to know where your latest shade is from! Our products have a gorgeous floral scent, and long lasting, easy to apply and remove with no hassle. You’ll be eager to collect the whole bunch of colours!

For best results, apply two even coats of nail polish and finish off with a top coat. This product is safe for use during pregnancy and also child safe.

  • Material imported from France 
  • Assembled in China 
  • Capacity: 0.33 fl.oz.
  • Vegan friendly, Cruelty-Free, all colors are approved and certified by PETA and SGS. 
  • Eco-friendly, all natural, water-based and Non-Toxic.
  • Five Free, vegan formula that won't chip after two days. 

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